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Informe sobre el desarrollo mundial 2021 [ENG]

Parte I: Promover los objetivos de desarrollo a través del uso de los datos

Capítulo 1. Aprovechar el valor de los datos en favor de los pobres

Capítulo 2. Los datos como una fuerza para el bien público

Capítulo 3. Los datos como recurso para el sector privado

Capítulo 4. Reutilización creativa de los datos para obtener más valor

Parte II: Alinear la gestión de los datos con el contrato social

Capítulo 5. Política de infraestructura de datos: Garantizar un acceso equitativo para las personas pobres y los países pobres

Capítulo 6. Políticas, leyes y regulaciones sobre datos: Crear un entorno de confianza

Capítulo 7. Crear valor en la economía de los datos: La función de la competencia, el comercio y la política tributaria

Capítulo 8. Instituciones dedicadas a la gestión de datos: Generar confianza a través de la acción colectiva

Parte III: Avanzar hacia un sistema nacional integrado de datos

Capítulo 9. Crear un sistema nacional integrado de datos

Agradecimientos [ENG]

The launch of the World Development Report (WDR) 2021, Data for Better Lives is accompanied by an innovative data website. This website complements the WDR2021 publication and uses data stories to highlight the recommendations from the report. The website also curates all events and background data and research related to the WDR2021.

The development of the overall website was led by Malarvizhi Veerappan with guidance from the co-directors of the report Robert Cull, Vivien Foster, and Dean Jolliffe. The WDR core team members and World Bank staff who contributed to the effort were Adele Moukheibir Barzelay, Rong Chen, Niccolò Comini, Samuel Paul Fraiberger, Sameeksha Khare, Talip Kilic, Daniel G. Mahler, Martin Molinuevo, Nancy Morrison, David Newhouse, Sara Nyman, Nikkie Pacheco, Elizabeth Salazar, David Satola, Clara Stinshoff, and Philip Wollburg. External researchers Martina Francesca Ferracane and Erik van der Marel also provided input.

Beyond Words Studio designed and developed the WDR 2021 website and data stories. The team comprised of Kate Ashton, Rebecca Conroy, Jamie Gilman, Chris Hankins, Ceri Jones, Becca Muir, Richard Pullinger, Duncan Swain, and Lucy Swan. The illustrations for the website were created by Elisabetta Calabritto. Additionally, Dania Kibbi provided support for some of the illustrations on the website.

Maarten Lambrechts and Adrianus Willem Tulp developed the website’s data stories. Chisako Fukuda, Emmanuel Cosmas Maliganya, David Mariano, Vidhya Nagarajan, Balaji Natarajan, Mikael Reventar, Kenneth Zaul Moreno Sermeno, Somu Sinthamani, and Nina Vucenik contributed to technology support, communication and dissemination.

Finally, we express our gratitude to the entire WDR team for their contribution to the overall report, as well as to those who contributed to the report through consultations, the work of which underpinned the basis for this website.